Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rider by Griffon Enterprises

Rider by Griffon Enterprises is, like the previously released Saber (I did the entry here), part of the Deformate Series: figures based in illustrations by Harada Takehito (of Disgaea fame).
This time Rider was sculpted by Fio (Reply From...).

I was not very happy with Deformate Saber -is a rather small figure and the lack of details gives it a kind of "cheap toy" feeling- but Rider, despite of having the same small size (about 15 cm) is in overall better than the previous release: better sculpt that resembles more Harada's style, better paint job with metallic gloss effects and parts made of metal (the chains and the mask).

Side view. If you played Disgaea, Rider breasts are Succubus-sized.

Without the mask.

And the original illustration by Harada.

Along the the myriad of Saber figures, is nice to see figures of other TYPE-MOON characters from time to time...

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