Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hiroyuki doujinshi

Today I went in a hurry to Shinkyogoku-dori (where Melonbooks Kyoto and Animate Kyoto are placed), to find a suposedly very large doujinshi shop.

The shop is called Manraku, and it's between Shinkyogoku and Kawaramachi, just in front of the popular Loft store.
It's rather big, but half of it is fujoshi related.
The men's side was correctly labeled and organized, but it had little to offer.

After a fast but exhaustive research, I bought a couple of doujinshi.

(crappy photo taken with the phone)

Len - Hiroyuki Tsukihime Doujinshi Soushuuhen and Saber - Hiroyuki Fate Doujinshi Soushuuhen + α, by circle Jishou Seijunha but most known only by the name of the author, Hiroyuki.

Both are compilations of his works, and with them are compiled most of his doujinshi and one-shots that appeared in anthologies.

needs no presentation; stuff like "A cat is fine too" and "JAM IT IN" comes from his works.
Besides popular memes, he is the author of a couple of manga, Doujin Work
and his most recent work, Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to.

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