Monday, December 15, 2008

Doujinshi purchases Part 2

Following yesterday's post, my next stop was K-Books Nanba.
K-Books was my favorite shop in Akihabara, and perhaps is my favorite from Den Den Town, too.
There are 2 shops, one male oriented and the other female oriented (except the first floor).
The doujinshi selection is well assorted and easy to check.

It seems that in mid November they dropped the prices of the stuff of some circles, so it was worth checking, although I supose the real bargains were long ago sold out.

I bought:
(Kyaa! Sorry for the flash!)

Junk 3rd by Fukami Naoyuki from circle Chill Out.
His drawings are nice, but the themes are way to extreme from my tastes: scat, cum belly, inflation,... focused on humiliating girls from fighting games and with special predilection with the poor Nakoruru (Samurai Spirits/Shodown).
I bought it beacause it contains a rare 5-pages collaboration by Takeuchi Takashi ( from TYPE-MOON) and because it had a discount of about 50% the regular price (but even with the discount it was still expensive...)

And Ayanami 1 Gakuseihen by Mogudan from circle Nakayohi Mogudan.
Mogudan is rather famous, and his Ayanami series needs no presentation.
He was a member of circle Nakayohi with Izurumi, but when he left formed the circle Nakayohi Mogudan.
His style changed a bit with the time, and his voluptuous characters became slightly disgusting titty monsters. I prefer his older works, when Ayanami was still proportioned.
Again, it had a 50% discount.

More to come...

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