Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doujinshi purchases Part 3

The last stop in my Osaka trip was Toranoana Nanba.

They had a bargain sale, with a lot of their used doujinshi at 100 yen each (105 tax included). I didn't expected much since Toranoana is not specialized in used doujinshi (is kind of a "multi-purpose otaku shop") and usually the 100 yen corner is filled with leftovers that nobody wants.

I ended buying:
Applause, a Fate/hollow ataraxia fanbook, with several pin-ups from different circles.

Momiji-iro No Tsuki by circle Nanairo Koubou. Nothing to say about since I don't know the circle. Nice parody of Tsukihime.

Man in the Mirror by circle Black Dog.
He is known by his recurrent theme of "Sailor Moon team gang raped in a train", but in this doujinshi changing the "Sailor Moon team" part by "Kagami from Lucky Star". Despite beign repetitive, his drawings are top notch.

Outlet 3 by St. Different. I was fooled by the different To Heart cover, so I ended buying the same twice. Not familiar with the circle, and a bit dissapointed with the contents.

And 8 doujinshi by Neriwasabi, an old school author (active since the 80's) that changes the name of his circle forth and back (usually Jack-O'-lantern, Dedepoppo or Narusawa Hatsudensho).
He usually draw -among others- parodies of To Heart and Square-Enix games. Lately is very focused on Final Fantasy XI, so I lost insterest (Final Fantasy series is going downhill, and I find myself only playing the remakes on the handle consoles).

They also have on sale a small amount of doujin soft, also at 100 yen each. I found:

Shinuchi Oouso Disc. Contains the early flash works of Namikai Harukaze (circle Shunpuu-tei Koubou).
Before being known for Ragnarok Battle Offline, he was known by his flash animations, mostly Executioner Ciel and specially Glove On Fight, that was later remaked as a fighting game by doujin soft circle Watanabe Seikakusho (now called Frech Bread).

And speaking of Watanabe Seikakusho and his fighting games, I also found THE QUEEN OF HEART '99 and the Second Edition update disk.
Before MELTY BLOOD, this circle was already very popular with their doujin fighters featuring Leaf characters.
In the late 90's, Leaf was the main visual novel studio who set the trend to the rest.
Is evident by now, but before being a hardcore TYPE-MOON fan, I was hooked to Leaf visual novels, specially To Heart (the first one, I never played the "sequel").

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