Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update 2: Doujinshi & Manga

Following my one year update, this entry covers manga and doujinshi.


I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, for example right after I took the photos I remembered I bought a few English manga published by Udon (3 Capcom anthologies by Itou Mami, Street Fighter 5 and 6 and  Darkstalkers 2) that are not in the photos. The rest (or at least the rest I remember) are:

The extremely delayed Kannagi 7 by Takenashi Eri (volume 6 was released in November '08), limited and regular editions of Evangelion 13 by Sadamoto (one more to go), a new volume of All Around Type-Moon manga by Bsuke, Fate/Extra volume 3 by Robina, regular edition of volume 3, 4 and 5 of Fate/Zero by Shinjiro, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prism☆Illya 2wei! Vol. 5 (last one from 2wei series) and the first volume from Prism☆Illya 3wei!! by Hiroyama HiroshiFate/stay night volume 18 to 20 by Nishiwaki Datto (finished at last!), volumes 1 and 2 of Love Plus Manaka Days by Akitsu Mikami (I liked Love Plus quite a bit), Fujima Takuya's Idolm@ster Break! Vol. 2 to 4 (I bought the first volume years ago during my iM@S fever peak), Tenshi no Oshigoto 1 by Satoh Ryoryo (because contains one page collaboration by Takeuchi Takashi) and the ero-manga Fella Pure by Fue.

Spanish edition manga: Takahashi Rumiko's The One Pound Gospel, the last 6 volumes of Inuyasha (completed at last, I had this series on hold for almost 3 years), Sakura Taisen volumes 1 to 9 drawn by Ouji Hiroi (at a bargain price, I bought the whole series for 23 euro) and the two last volumes of Mazinger Z.


I'll skip some stuff here, since the photos I have are only for the items I bought from Comic Market 82 and 83.

Comiket 82:

Comiket 83:

Pretty much the works from the circles I regularly follow: Zettai Shoujo, King Revolver, Nurumaya, Kurusugawa Pikumin Tei, Crazy Clover Club, the now defunct circle Konton Lady StudioChotto Dake Aru Yo., Kuroyuki, plus the works from circles that I follow sporadically (mostly when they parody series I like): Lv. X+, Jingai Makyou and Shinjugai.

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Mastk said...

Parabéns pela compras.
Eu passei a acompanhar o King Revolver também, mas é duro fazer a compra do Brasil.
Espero que mesmo envelhecendo e sendo menos otaku ainda tenho muitas felicidades na vida.