Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tsuki no Sango hardcover edition

I received this harcover edition of Tsuki no Sango in early November:

The contents are pretty similar to the previously reviewed Tsuki no Sango booklet, but with more illustrations and 2 cd's containing the narration by Sakamoto Maaya.

The book (right) is 75 pages long, so is almost the double amount of pages of the booklet version, and features pictures that where not present before. The thing to the left is the cover of the digipak containing the cd's.

One of the pictures not included in the previous booklet.

By the way a translated version of the story can be found at Mazui Subs webpage.

The cd's voiced by Sakamoto narrates the whole story. Both discs together are about 90 minutes long.

I hope they release sooner or later a Blu-ray (or at least a dvd) of the Tsuki no Sango video that was originally aired during the recital. I thought it was to be included in this version, but sadly is not. The promotional video below:

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Espio said...

I hope this version will be selled...
in amazon we(I) trust X3