Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comptiq September '11

Comptiq September '11 issue was released in August, and featured a very nice cover with Saber, Saber Alter and Saber Extra in swimsuits.

Over two years had passed since I bought a Comptiq issue. As I said in previous entries, I don't buy magazines issues unless it includes some juicy extra. In this case, it includes a super deformed figure of Saber from Fate/EXTRA.

The figure is part of the figure line niitengo by Toy's Works, and is clearly an attempt to emulate Good Smile Company's nendoroid puchi line.

Compared side to side with a nendoroid petit, the proportions are a bit different; niitengo's head is smaller and the body is a bit bigger.
Quality wise, the nendoroid have a much better paint job and sculpt and personally I find the nendoroid line cuter than the niitengo.

This issue was supposed to contain lots of TYPE-MOON related news because of it's 10th anniversary, but the actual contents are not really that much:

The already on sale first season of Carnival Phantasm. I expect my copy soon...

Fate/Zero TV series will begin on October.

And that's it.
The serialized manga includes:

Fate/Extra manga by Robina

HibiChika Time by Oomori Hayashi

Koha Ace by Keikenchi.
I knew this author for quite a while (his drawings are pretty unique) but this is the first time I read something by him.
In order to conmemorate the 10th anniversary of TYPE-MOON, Kohaku and Akiha leap back in time to the year 2003 and find the T-M characters of that time... In the picture, 2003 Satsuki is waiting for her route.
This is the 4th chapter and I missed the previous 3, so I hope they'll release a tankoubon of it.

EDIT: I have some pins designed by Keikenchi:

Those where extras included in some Kotobukiya's garage kits that I bought in 2003, that are among the very first TYPE-MOON items that I purchased. I'm quite an old time fan, aren't I?

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