Sunday, May 17, 2009

Comptiq Magazine June '09

Today I went to buy some books that I need for classes, and also purchased Comptiq Magazine June issue.

As an extra it included a nice Saber Lily shitajiki:



It also included some pages with TYPE-MOON news, but nothing groundbreaking.

Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE is still scheduled for June 18. The cover of the game will be the pic on the right (also the cover of this issue).

Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua] will be also re-released as a budget title on June 18.

A clear pic from the cover.
Since is a different cover from the previous version, I must purchase it.

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again for the PS2, will be released on August 20.
Is not new info, but Ryougi Shiki is confirmed as a new playable character.

Kara no Kyokai 7th movie, Satsujin Kousatsu, will be on theaters this August.
The dvd of the 6th movie, Boukyaku Rokuon, will be released on July 29

And CANAAN anime, that will air this summer. No fixed date and no new info.


Archerwannabe said...

"I must purchase it"
Haha, they keep milking you don´t they :D

Really nice shitajiki there.

Lightning Sabre said...

Gah I want that Saber Lily shitajiki now! I guess it's time to visit my local Japanese import store... or in the convention I'm going soon.

Soth said...

@Archerwannabe: Yes, they sure know how to get money from the fans.
I hope that the normal and limited edition of Actress Again will come with the same cover...

@Lightning Sabre: Nice, isn't it? BTW, every time I see Saber Lily she reminds me of your strips...

Lightning Sabre said...

Mwahaha! Just as keikaku! XD