Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE

Well, today I crossed the line: I pre-ordered 2 copies of Fate/unlimited codes PORTABLE in 2 differents shops just for the extras.

Fate/unlimited codes, was released in arcades in June '08 and in the PS2 in December '08.
The PSP version will be released on June 18, and for now the only anounced differences with the PS2 version is plain clothes for Rider, a new "Reflect Dash" counter move and a simplified command system input (a Godsent for me, since I still have an old PSP-1000 that makes all the fighting games barely playable).

For now, this is the only interesting "extra" in the PSP version...

A few weeks ago, several shops anounced their own "limited editions":

Capcom announced the "Extended Edition" for 6,240 yen.

The only extra is a 32 pages artbook containing the promotional pics for the game.

Amazon announced the "Deluxe Edition" for 9,240 yen.

The extras are a set of pins, a colection of cards with each character moveset and a cheap-looking mousepad.

And Sofmap announced the "Collectors Edition" for 8,980 yen.

The extras are a wallet, a clear card set, a case and a 140X50 cm tapestry of Saber.
2 days ago the design was revealed to be this:

Photo from AkibaBlog.

But today, searching in WonderGOO, I saw that they don't have a "limited edition", but as they did with the release of Fate/unlimited codes for PS2, their shop exclusive is another tapestry:

A few days ago I ordered Capcom's Extended Edition and I was planning to purchase the Sofmap tapestry via Yahoo! Auctions, but today I also pre-ordered the WonderGOO version... Orz

Since I'll end with two copies, if someone wants to purchase an unopened Fate/unlimited codes Portable leave a comment!!! I accept PayPal and I can send anywhere in the world. If nobody is interested, I'll sell the copy to a 2nd hand shop...


Archerwannabe said...

If you can wait for the payment for about a month, I´d be glad to get that from your hands.

Hmmm... I could´ve sworn I couldn´t send any comments before...

Soth said...

If it's you, I have no problem with a delayed payment.

How about 5000 yen, shipping cost included?

Kypper said...

Looks like the 3 of us are looking for the same things... Goodies !

Well, 5 versions, I'm kinda lost. The WonderGoo looks nice. ;_;

Lightning Sabre said...

Ah nice goodies! I would be tempted for the extras, but I do have a version of the game already and I have heard that they are making an English version of this through the PSN for North America. So I'll pass on the LE PSP version since I have the LE version of the PS2 game.

Soth said...

@Kypper: We 3 are surely in the top 10 of the T-M Western collectors, so it's natural to have focused our interest in the same stuff.

@Lightning Sabre: I'm aware of the English version, but I'm not interested in it because is not a "physical" item. I also have the PS2 version and I'm buying this for the sake of collectionism... and just look at that Saber Lily, is a must have!