Saturday, April 18, 2009

D-Frag! Volume 1

This morning I received a box from Amazon. It contained D-Frag! vol. 1 by Haruno Tomoya.

did several doujinshi based in TYPE-MOON works under his circle name Harutomo, and collaborated in TYPE-MOON Ace vol. 1, in Fate/tiger colosseum Upper, did the Kara no Kyoukai 4-koma for the 5th movie, and was the person who drew the mangas of Akiba in the anime Kannagi.

Since Haruno is one of the TYPE-MOON's merry friends, Takeuchi did a small illustration and a comment for the obi, and that's the reason of my purchase.

I saw in several places the title romanized as Day Flag!, but the intended meaning is D-Fragments.

The story is about the typical hoodlum, Kazama, who gets involved with the wierd girls of the "Game Production Club". But things gets even more complicated with the appearance of Takao and her "Real Game Production Club"... I'm pretty bad at summarize stuff in Japanese...

The "Game Production Club" girls. From left to right: Oosawa Minami, Karasuyama Chitose, Mizukami Sakura and Shibasaki Roka.

Takao, Kazama and Roka are the main characters, at least in this first volume.

I also purchased a wifi adaptor to use with XLink to play with the PSP online, but for now I was unable to make it work.

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