Thursday, January 22, 2009

TYPE-MOON Ace 2 and Yahoo! Auctions purchases

I've been busy with the end of semester exams and works, so lately I don't go around on buying trips...Even this post is a dance with the devil due the huge amount of work I have to finish yet, but I feel bad for the (few) regular readers that I already have.

Yesterday I bought in the nearest bookstore TYPE-MOON Ace Vol. 2.

I still didn't check it thoroughly, so refer to more professional blogs like Akihabara Channel, Canned Dogs and Seasons Of Change for more info about it.

And today I received stuff that I bought in Yahoo! Auctions throught Shopping Mall Japan (yes, I still use them even if I'm already living in Japan).

The Queen of Heart '98 by circle Watanabe Seisakujo. Now I have all their doujin fighting games.

Extremely nice miko Saber wallscroll.
It was a WonderGOO exclusive if you preordered Fate/unlimited codes with them.

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