Monday, January 5, 2009

Tokyo trip: purchases at Comiket 75

I'm back from Tokyo. I will do a very quick review because I bought a lot of stuff, not only in the Comiket but also in Akihabara and Nakano...

First of all, the set from TYPE-MOON booth:

From the clear poster set, my favorites are:

The authors are, in order from left to right, Takeuchi Takashi (x2), toi8, Mori Shizuki, Sakamoto MineG and simosi.

From the other comercial booths:

Kara No Kyoukai groundwork books and movie tickets set, Canaan promotional material, Fate/Zero Drama cd 2 and the stuff from Capcom booth (Fate/unlimited codes and Fate/tiger colosseum Upper).

From the non comercial booth (except the Concept book, that I forgot to put with the rest of TYPE-MOON stuff):

T-Moon Complex X 04 and the bonus book and bag, from circle Crazy Clover Club.

Akarui Houhe, AATM and Fragments 4 from circle Shoujo Hyouhon.

Strike Ape and Baakiuka copy book from circle King Revolver.

Initial G copy books and gallery compilation no. 10 and 11.

The unofficial Touhou anime by Maikaze.

Aqua Blue 2 by circle Tear Drop.

Doll House 1 by circle Nakayohi.

Milk Hunters 1-4 Soushuuhen + Alpha and Milk Masters 1 by circle Kuroyuki (no new releases this time).

Outside the Comiket I bought:

Tenshi Kinryouku Shoushuuhen again by circle Kuroyuki.

Old Initial G copy books and gallery compilation no. 9.

Nagato Yuki Wa Usagi To Kame No Yume Wo Miru Ka?, i.D.M SIDE A and i.D.M SIDE B by circle U.R.C .

EVANGELIMOON, the first work of Mogudan outside the circle Nakayohi.

Juunigatsu No Kujira by King Revolver. Now I'm missing only one!

GameJapan and Gemaga magazines. Only for the nice Fate/unlimited codes covers and the shitajiki (the other side is Saber Lily from the SP-Box).

And from doujin software I bought:

Party's Breaker and Gleam of Force from circle Watanabe Seisakujo/French Bread.

Type A Demo 1 and 2 by my friends of circle Black Sheep Symphony.


Malkuth said...

hi mate,

Sorry I originally put the comment in the wrong post ... you should use a script to expand/contract content.

Could you scan the posters you got? even partials will do I can stitch them and share them on-line.

I hope you do realize how hard it is get them unless you live in japan.

cheers ;)

Soth said...

Sorry, but here in Japan I don't have any scanner, and I wouldn't buy any because is something that I can't bring back to Spain...