Monday, September 9, 2013

Update 3.5: Figures (rest)

A quick update with the figures I forgot to take pictures in the previous post, mostly arcade prizes.

EX Figure series Saber and Arcueid by Sega.

PM Figure series Phantasmoon by Sega. This figure have the best quality among all the arcade prizes I own by a big margin.

SQ Figure series Saber by Banpresto.

DX Figure series Irisviel and Saber by Banpresto.

And a small figure by Kaiyodo. The upper left one was bundled with Monthly Young Ace in November '12. The other 2 are already covered here and here.


Anonymous said...

que paso con tu block¿¿

Soth said...

En pausa indefinida, aunque no descarto retomarlo en un futuro cercano con entradas un poco más cortas.

Anonymous said...

que gran coleccion tenes ,oka suerte