Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IDOLM@STER Blu-ray & Gravure For You! Vol.1

And this is the last part of the coverage of THE iDOLM@STER 2 for PS3, covering the first volume of the Blu-ray and also the first volume of Gravure For You!

The vol. 1 of the Blu-ray includes only the first two episodes, a pretty usual thing in Japanese releases. I don't have any complain about the quality of the image or the sound, both are pretty high.

Like is usual in Japanese Blu-ray releases, the extras are very few. The "Special" section includes creditless opening and ending (of both episodes) and the extended episode preview from the website.
"Sound" section includes the normal track and an extra audio commentary track by Nakamura Eriko (Haruka), Kugiyama Rie (Iori), Shimoda Asami (Ami-Mami) and Nigo Mayako (Yayoi). Their commentaries are pretty random, and with little to no relation with what is happening on the screen at that moment.
No subtitles available.

There's also a bonus cd included in the package called Perfect Idol 01, that contains four tracks: "I'm So Free!" (sung by Miki, Azusa and Takane), "Relations -Jazz Rearrange Mix-" (Miki), "Tonari ni... -Jazz Rearrange Mix-" (Azusa) and "Kimi wa Melody -Jazz Rearrange Mix-" (Takane). Jazz tones in iM@S songs doesn't work too well, and the only new song "I'm So Free!" is clearly the best song in the cd, but not really that great.

Gravure For You! is a PS3 game that is includes in the limited version of the Blu-ray. Well, "game" is not really accurate, since the only thing you can do is to take pictures of the girls. You control the camera and you can give commands to the girls about how to pose. The photos can be easily exported in JPEG format.
In this first volume there's only one costume available, the "beauty swimsuit", but it seems that from volume 2 onwards there are two costumes available.

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